Who am I?

I am currently a college student in the United States.  Within the next year, it is my goal to be a sworn law enforcement officer, though that all depends on when and where I get that opportunity.  I am also an atheist, a skeptic, and a humanist.  For some reason, many of my fellow Americans appear to believe that this means that I lack morals, and am untrustworthy.

That leads into my next topic, what this blog will not be.  It will not be a highly personal account of my experiences leading up to, and after my becoming a police officer.  There are other bloggers equally qualified to write those stories, and I will be keeping this blog as anonymous as possible for the time being.  While I am open about who I am and what I believe with my friends, I have no way of knowing how my beliefs will affect my ability to get the job I want, given that I live in one of the more conservative states in the bible belt.  Other accounts on the Internet lead me to believe that I am being overly cautious, but I will be better able to assess that once I’m hired.

This blog also will not be an expert’s account on law enforcement.  I claim no expertise in that area as yet.  Any opinions I express are to be taken with a grain of salt, because I don’t have the training or the experience to be considered an expert.  I will, however, do my best to live up to my skeptical ideals and not hold a position without some supporting evidence.

Now for what this blog will be.  I hope to write about law enforcement from a skeptical perspective.  I would like to combat the belief that atheists are necessarily immoral and less worthy than theists.  I also would like to discuss topics of opportunity such as feminism, separation of church and state, and creationism/evolution.  Hopefully the variety means you won’t get bored!